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Cunning Escape
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 156
Date published 13 March 2005
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"Time is On My Side" "A Lesson in Leadership"
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Elan has ideas of his own.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Elan is tied up in the bandit camp. A sign near the tent reads, "Definitely NOT a Bandit Camp."
Dark Guard Bandit: Blech. Guard duty.
Light Guard Bandit: Tell me about it.

Panel 2

Dark Guard Bandit: Time was we'd be out drinkin' all night after a good pillage, y'know?
Light Guard Bandit: Yup, not no more.

Panel 3

Elan uses a spell to untie the ropes binding him.
Dark Guard Bandit: Nope. Ever since Sam took over, it's been all work an' no play.
Light Guard Bandit: Yeah. I mean, I used ta like stealin' from the rich an' givin' to the poor, but now every copper piece goes to Sam's coffers.

Panel 4

Elan puts on his Boots of Elvenkind.
Dark Guard Bandit: And did you hear what happened to Jim when he questioned it?
Light Guard Bandit: Yeah. Ouch. Those do not grow back, y'know.

Panel 5

Elan starts to sneak away. His boots make sneaky noises, "sneak! sneak!"
Dark Guard Bandit: It's a crying shame, is what it is.

Panel 6

Elan listens to the guard's conversation.
Dark Guard Bandit: And can you believe now she's got us kidnapping men she finds attractive?
Light Guard Bandit: Seriously. As gorgeous as Samantha is, you think she wouldn't need to stoop to that.

Panel 7

Elan sneaks away, "sneak! sneak! sneak!"

Panel 8

Beat. The guards stand alone.

Panel 9

Elan sneaks back with a bundle of roses and a box of chocolates, "sneak! sneak! sneak!"

D&D Context Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Elan finally uses the Boots of Elvenkind he acquired in #130, Itempalooza.
  • The bandit guards also took part in the ambush in #152.

External Links Edit

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