The Crimson Mantle is a powerful artifact cloak created by the Dark One after his ascension to godhood, and bestowed on his high priest. Its current bearer is Redcloak.

History Edit

The paladins of the Sapphire Guard are aware of the existence of the Crimson Mantle, and under the direction of Soon Kim sent out crusades to eliminate it. The mantle survived these efforts, albeit a little tattered, and was passed to a new cleric each time the previous bearer was killed. In this manner it was passed down to Redcloak's Revered Master, and then to Redcloak.[1] Redcloak has worn the mantle for 34 years.

The Crimson Mantle first appeared in Comic 0023, "Meanwhile...". It was first identified by name in Comic 0369, "Fight!". Its origin and significance were explained in Start of Darkness.

Abilities Edit

The Crimson Mantle slows the aging process of its wearer, allowing one goblin to accomplish more over the course of several lifespans. It also protects the wearer against disease, including magical ones such as Lirian's Guardian Virus.[1] The wearer of the Crimson Mantle further gains all of the Dark One's knowledge regarding the Gates, and his plan to manipulate them.

According to Redcloak, it also imprints complete knowledge of the divine half of the Snarl spell in the mind of its bearer, if he or she is a priest of the Dark One.[2]


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