The Creed of the Stone is a non-theistic religion[1] that worships Elemental Earth itself.[2] It was led by Exarch Gontor Hammerfell, and it was responsible for the administration of the Northern Godsmoot.[2] Prior to the Godsmoot, the Creed's clerics raised the cathedral where the moot took place, using their entire allotment of high level spells.[1] The members of the Creed at the Godsmoot served as ushers.[2]

However, the Creed of the Stone had no protection from the rules of the Godsmoot and no representative in the moot[1], resulting in their slaughter and subsequent raising as vampires by the High Priest of Hel posing as Durkon Thundershield.[3] Of the Creed members present at the Godsmoot, the only one known to not have been raised as a vampire was a half-elemental, who cannot be vampires - though he was torn to shreds by his former companions instead.[4]

Most of the vampires were slain by the priests and bodyguards of the Godsmoot representatives who voted against destroying the world, though the Exarch, a dwarf female, and a human female escaped with the High Priest of Hel. An additional human female remained behind, protected by the Godsmoot bylaws after the High Priest abdicated his position to name her High Priestess of Hel.


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