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Comic no. 354
Date published 29 September 2006
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"If a Druid Falls in the City, Does He Make a Noise?" "Sore Loser"
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Fighting centipedes with missiles? Brings back memories...

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Leeky knocks over Durkon, "WHUMF!!"
Julia: That looks like it hurt.

Panel 2

Durkon: 'Ere, make yerself useful, lass, an' shove this potion down tha elf's throat.
Julia: Uh, OK, but... don't you think you'll need it more?
Durkon: Nay, I'll be fine.

Panel 3

Durkon: I'll wear 'im down. I can still cast all me healin' spells, but he cannae heal 'imself while he's in the shape o' tha dire bear.
Durkon: Well, unless he took that Natural Spell feat.

Panel 4

Julia: Wait, I'm confused—
Julia: There are druids who DON'T take the Natural Spell feat??
Durkon: Just go!

Panel 5

Durkon grows to giant size.
Durkon: THOR'S MIGHT!!

Panel 6

Julia: OK, OK, you can do this, Julia. Just find the elf and give her the potion.
Julia: Crap, or is it a "him"? He didn't say...

Panel 7

Pompey: There she is! How did she get out into the battle? If Nale sees her, I'm toast.
Pompey: Summon Monster II! Again!
Pompey: Hell, Summon Monster I, too.

Panel 8

Julia: Ugh, what are those? Giant centipedes? Gross!
Julia: Suck on force damage, bugs! Magic Missile!

Panel 9

Julia fires magic missiles at the centipedes.

Panel 10

Julia: Help! I'm out of quarters! I mean, "spells"!

Panel 11

Chief: Man, that brought back memories.
Rookie: I don't get it.
Chief: Before your time, kid. Before your time.

D&D Context Edit

  • Natural Spell is a Feat that allows the Druid to cast spells in his wild shape.
  • Thor's Might is a homebrewed spell that allows Durkon to assume giant form.
  • Summon Monster I and Summon Monster II conjure creatures of increasing strength.
  • Magic Missle is a staple 1st level wizard combat spell which produces a level-dependent number of missiles which unerringly hit their targets. Julia only shoots two missiles, which means that she must be a 3rd level Wizard (this is confirmed by Roy in #485).

Trivia Edit

  • The title is a reference to old penny arcades.
  • The ninth panel is a reference the old arcade game Centipede
  • Players who believe the Cleric or Druid classes are overpowered will sometimes refer to them with the abbreviation "CODzilla". The fight between giant Durkon and the bear is a reference to the giant monster battles that would occur in the Godzilla series.

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