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Construction Workers
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 576
Date published July 2008
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"I Think They're in One of the Rulebooks, Right?" "You Can Take the Rogue Out of the City..."
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Cast Edit

Grubwiggler, Celia, Belkar.

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Grubwiggler: Excellent! Tonight's storm is right on schedule. Roker shall see one more sunrise.
Celia: Well, this contract is a little archaic, but it seems pretty standard.
Grubwiggler: Now we need only wait for lightning to strike the--

Panel 2

Celia casts lightning.

Panel 3

Celia: I'm kinda in a hurry.

Panel 4

Grubwiggler: Ah, see? The eleven secret herbs and reagents are already working! The spells have been cast, now we need only wait, and...
Celia: Wait a minute, what exactly is the "product of envivification" and why are there one... two... three pages dealing with it?

Panel 5

Grubwiggler: It's alive!
Grubwiggler: ALIVE!!!

Panel 6

Celia: What the hell did you do to him?? You said no undead!!
Grubwiggler: And indeed, he is not undead--he's a construct, bones animated by an earth elemental spirit bound under my control.
Grubwiggler: Which I guess technically makes my statement of, "It's alive," inaccurate, but I just love saying that.

Panel 7

Grubwiggler: Once you remit my fee, we'll select a PIN code you can use to command the golem.
Celia: I'm not paying you, you monster! Look what you did to my boyfriend.
Celia: Plus, I didn't sign anything and I never actually agreed to your verbal contract.

Panel 8

Grubwiggler: Well, in that case, allow me to show you a portfolio of my previous work in the field of golems.
Grubwiggler: Restrain the sylph!
Celia: AAAHHH!

Panel 9

Belkar: Look, Mr. Scruffy, Herman Munster is trying to hurt the Cart Fairy! We better get over there and--

Panel 10

Belkar: (vomitting): *BLUURRRGGH!*

Panel 11

Belkar: *hnnFLUUURGH!*
Belkar: *hnnFLUUURGH!*

Panel 12

Grubwiggler: ...
Grubwiggler: I'm adding my janitorial bill to what you owe me for the golem.
Belkar: (off panel) *BLFRRRG!*
Celia: I'm sorry, I can't hear you due to the overwhelming emotional damages that I'm sure any jury will recognize.

Trivia Edit

Grubwiggler's comment of "Its alive...ALIVE!" is an obvious homage to Dr. Frankenstein's famous line, as is the lightening bringing a creature "back" to life.

Grubwiggler's line "The eleven secret herbs and reagents are already working!" is a reference to the eleven herbs and spices that purportedly make the secret recipe of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Belkar's comment of the Frankenstein-like golem holding Celia is a tribute to The Munsters, a show that had a similarly Frankenstein appearing character with that name.

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