Consider Their Lineage
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 364
Date published c. October 2006
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Roy and Julia get on each other's nerves, but still love each other.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy: Well, the cops are done in there, we're free to go back to Azure City
Nale: I'm Elan!
Vaarsuvius: Yes, so you have told me no less than seven times in the last hour.
Durkon: Now lass, rememb'r wha I told ye aboot respect fer yerself an' yer body, aye?
Julia: Yes, sir.

Panel 2

Roy: So, I guess it's back to wizard school for you?
Julia: Oh yeah, I've had enough playing adventurer for now.
Julia: I look forward to resuming my duties as the coolest and sexiest girl in the school.

Panel 3

Roy: I guess it's too much to hope for you to thank me for rescuing you, right?
Julia: I guess it's too much to hope for you to apologize for getting me kidnapped in the first place, right?

Panel 4

Roy: Hey, it's now my fault you got kidnapped by a villain. These things happen.
Julia: Except insofar as it totally WAS your fault, since he did it to get at you.

Panel 5

Roy: What, the ever-touted almighty power of magic wasn't enough to protect you? You needed someone to hit something with a stick?
Julia: Considering it was a cleric that did all the real work, you can bite my spell slots, meat shield.

Panel 6

Julia: Geez, no wonder you couldn't cut it as spellcaster, you're way too busy congratulating yourself.
Roy: Why you little spoiled child—

Panel 7

Julia: Hero complex.
Roy: Attention seeker.
Julia: Martyr.
Roy: Brat.
Julia: Jackass!
Roy: Bitch!

Panel 8


Panel 9

Julia: Tell Dad I said "Hi."
Roy: I'm surprised he hasn't visited.
Julia: The school has pretty good wards against that sort of thing.

Panel 10

Roy and Julia hug
Roy: Love you.
Julia: Love you, too.

Panel 11

Julia: Hey, maybe try to loosen up a little before the next time you visit.
Roy: Maybe you should try to tighten up a little—
Roy: As in, put some clothes on, girl.

Panel 12

Nale: Weird... It's almost like they don't even HAVE an obsessive homicidal grudge against their sibling...
Sabine: Nale, honey, some families are just... different.

Trivia Edit

  • The discussion forum thread on was lost. The exact publication date of this strip is not known at this time.

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