Concession Stand
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 872
Date published 26 February 2013
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"Just a Couple of Blooddrinkers" "Spell Check"
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Malack tries to convince Durkon that they can find a way to coexist. When Durkon refuses to compromise his Lawful Good principles, Malack reaches the only reasonable conclusion.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Malack: Let us not be rash. I have no interest in quarreling with you. If the Halfling is your friend, I will leave him be.
Durkon: It dinnar matter wheth'r 'e's me friend or na!
Durkon: E's a livin' soul, an' I am ta keep 'im tha way.

Panel 2

Durkon: Or, if'n he dies, at least na let 'im wake up wit crazy evil vampire powers, too.
Durkon: Och, could ye imagine? Tha li'l bugger's bad enough already.

Panel 3

Malack: Either way. The important point is, there's no reason for the two of us to not settle any differences we have like civilized adults.
Malack: I suggest a truce between us—we agree not to harm each other should our two teams come into conflict again.

Panel 4

Durkon: I cannae agree to tha, Malack. I cannae stand by twiddlin' me thumbs if'n ye attack me friends.

Panel 5

Malack: Then let us both withdraw from the field of battle.
Malack: You and I can retire to a safe distance and allow the struggle between Tarquin and his son to reach its natural end.
Durkon: Nay! I cannae abandon me friends, either!
Durkon: How could I leave in good conscience, knowin' thar in harm's way?

Panel 6

Malack: Hrrrm.
Malack: Then simply convince your team leader to withdraw your whole team to safety.
Malack: I am sure I can persuade Tarquin to let them go if they no longer stand in his way.

Panel 7

Durkon: An' leave this pyramid in tha hands of villains like Tarquin an' Nale? Ne'er!

Panel 8

Malack: I'm trying to find a compromise between our positions, Brother Thundershield, but you're not making it very—
Durkon: Thar be no compromise! Thar be no parley an' thar be no reasonable discussions!
Durkon: Yer a frickin' vampire, Malack! Yer a danger ta everyone livin' on this continent! An' e'en if'n I ignor'd tha, ye still cannae be 'llowed ta seize this place!

Panel 9

Malack: …
Malack: I see.

Panel 10

Malack: Then there can only ever be conflict between us now.
Durkon: Aye.
Durkon: 'Fraid so.

Panel 11

Beat. Malack closes his eyes in sadness.

Panel 12

Malack launches at Durkon with black energy trailing from both claws. Malack's speech bubble turns black.
Malack: Then die.

Trivia Edit

  • The title is a pun on Durkon taking a stand and not conceding his principles, as opposed to a place where food and drink are sold at an entertainment venue.

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