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A near dead Redcloak gets healed, and Tsukiko learns what it is like to be on the evil team.


Xykon, Redcloak, Miko, Soon's Ghost

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Xykon: Heh, what's hilarious here is that you think you can actually destroy me. Go ahead and pound my body into dust, I'll just grow a new one later.

Panel 2

Soon's Ghost: I suppose it would be prudent to kill the goblin who is carrying your phylactery around his neck as well, then. I may not be able to smash it myself due to my insubstantial nature- but I can instruct the first human to enter the room about the particulars.

Panel 3

Soon's Ghost smiles as Xykon panics without a word.

Panel 4 

Xykon: Redcloak! Stop waving that thing around and get the hell out of here!

Redcloak: What? But I'm done-

Xykon: Just do it! Go! GO!!!

Panel 5

Xykon: AHHH!

Redcloak: AHHH!

Soon's ghost puts his sword through Xykon's chest and Xykon falls on Redcloak.

Panel 6

Soon's ghost: Smite Evil!

Soon's ghost slashes Redcloak with his sword, knocking the goblin commander to the ground.

Panel 7

Soon's ghost: Smite Evil!

Soon's ghost stabs his sword through Xykon's head.

Panel 8

Xykon: Hey Redcloak... we really had a shot at the prize there for a minute, didn't we?

Redcloak: Yeah. Yeah, we did.

Panel 9

Miko: I, Miko Miyazaki-

Panel 10

Miko: --now fulfill the divine destiny that the Twelve Gods have revealed to me!

Panel 11

Soon: No! Miko, you don't need to--

Xykon: I think that's our exit cue.

Panel 12

Miko uses O-Chul's sword to shatter the sapphire.


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