Cold War
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1031
Date published 29 March 2016
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The paladins stoically plod through the untracked wastes of the Gelid Glacier on their way to Kraagor's Gate.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Snow falling on a vast icy plain. Two tiny figures walk at the end of a long line of footprints.

Panel 2

Lien: It should be only a few more miles before we reach the pole. How are you doing? Are you handling the cold OK?
O-Chul: I am well. You?
Lien: Sure, no problem.

Panel 3

Lien: I've grown accustomed to the frigid depths of the ocean floor as I seek out the forces of Evil in the dark crevices in which they hide.

Panel 4

O-Chul: I warm myself with my thoughts—
O-Chul: —both of the gentle warmth of the good deeds done and delinquent hearts redeemed, as well as those of the eternal fires of the Lower Planes—
O-Chul: —where those unwilling to consider their life choices must surely find themselves should they stand against me.

Panel 5


Panel 6

Lien: Plus, my Ring of Water Breathing also protects against the cold.
O-Chul: This protective cloak I picked up during our stop in Cliffport shields against weather as well.

Panel 7

Lien: I don't know what I was thinking, trying to beat you in a Paladin-Off.
O-Chul: Through grim virtuous perseverance and the will of the Twelve Gods, I was able to triumph.
Lien: OK, OK, you won! Take it down a notch.

Trivia Edit

  • O-Chul and Lien set out on their journey to the North Pole in #672. They were last seen on their way in #709.

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