Climbing Tensions
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Climbing Tensions
Comic no. 1004
Date published 11 September 2015
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"An Attack on Two Levels" "Completely Mist the Point"
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Roy vs. "Durkon", round four. "Durkon" switches to ranged attacks and drains more levels from Roy.

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Panel 1

Roy: Get off!
Roy shoves "Durkon" off of him.

Panel 2

"Durkon": I appreciate the breathing room—so to speak.
"Durkon": Flame Strike.

Panel 3

Roy is engulfed by the flames, "FRRWOOOSHH!"
Roy: Rnnnngh!

Panel 4

The "Durkon" begins climbing up the wall.
Roy: No!
Roy: Don't you dare run—DAMN IT!

Panel 5

Roy takes the High Priestess of Odin's spear.
Roy: Sorry.
Roy: I'll make a donation later.

Panel 6

Roy throws the spear at "Durkon", "FWOOH!"

Panel 7

The spear embeds itself in the wall just beneath the vampire, "KRAAK!"

Panel 8

"Durkon": What, still no ranged weapon of your own, Roy? Maybe you can throw a summoned weasel at me.
"Durkon": Inflict Serious Wounds.

Panel 9

Roy leaps to grab the spear.

Panel 10

Grabbing the spear, he begins climbing on top of it.

Panel 11

From the top of the spear he leaps at the upper balcony.

Panel 12

"Durkon" appears from the ceiling, draining more levels from Roy.
Roy: Aaaagh!

Panel 13

Roy slams "Durkon" into the ground, "THNNK!" impaling him into the floor on his sword, "SCHKRCT!"

D&D Context Edit

  • Flame Strike is a 5th level spell which deals 1d6 damage per level, to a maximum of 15d6, with a Reflex Save for half damage.
  • Inflict Serious Wounds deals 3d8 damage +1 point per level. To undead like "Durkon", it heals rather than harms.
  • "Durkon"'s vampiric energy drain attack drains two levels and grants him 10 temporary hit points.
  • Vampires in D&D also have an inherent Spider Climb ability, which "Durkon" uses to climb the wall.

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