View of the Avenue Street
Races Human

Cliffport is a mercantile city-state. Built near a port, one can see balloons and airships above its sky. The city seems to be quite advanced in magic, which has reached the limit of technology to the point where Vaarsuvius complains about the lack of consistancy with the presumed time period. It features a school/academy of the magical arts, Warthog's School of Wizardry and Sorcery, with a Sorcery Associate's Degree Program.

Eugene and Julia Greenhilt both studied magic in Cliffport, raising the possibility that Roy may have grown up in the area. It was there that Xykon killed Eugene's mentor Fyron Pucebuckle, along with four other "Fyron"s on separate occasions. Cliffport has a police force, the CPPD, and discounts all magical evidence.


Durkon casts Control Weather over Cliffport.

The Linear Guild went to Cliffport to recruit a wizard to be Vaarsuvius' new "opposite", finding Pompey and inadvertantly discovering Julia, whom they kidnap as bait for The Order of the Stick. They embark on a murder spree which culminates in Elan and Nale's switch. Later it was one of the states that recognised the existence of Azure City as Gobbotopia, primarily due to Cliffport's longstanding trade war with the Elves, who had tried to sabotage the goblins.

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