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The Cleric of Loki was a childhood friend of Eagle-eyed Pete who wished to remain anonymous in case the Greysky City Thieves' Guild ever ended up catching Haley and her group. He was one of the presumably very few clerics who were not in the pockets of the Guild, and was willing to assist Haley Starshine for a price. Constantly paranoid, but highly competent, the Cleric manages to help in the ensuing chaos of the Guild's raid on Old Blind Pete's home.

Reviving the Sexy Shoeless God of WarEdit

While assassins from Greysky City's Thieves Guild come searching for Haley, the Cleric is contacted in order help Haley contact Durkon Thundershield by Sending, eventually Revive Roy Greenhilt, as well as helping the apparently sick Belkar Bitterleaf(actually suffering from the affects of the activated Mark of Justice, which was forgotten by everyone due to their trip to the Oracle of Sunken Valley). Although quickly diagnosing and then initially willing to cure Belkar, since the Cleric knew the passcode and process on how to remove the Mark of Justice, Haley refuses to pay the Cleric for that and instead only has him contact Durkon.

However when Blind Pete betrays the group to the Thieves Guild in order to get his eyes regrown, the Cleric ends up being trapped by the Thieves Guild. Desperate for assistance, the Cleric anxiously asks the comatose Belkar if he is any good at fighting. The unconscious halfling weakly whispered that he is a "Sexy Shoeless God of War". Accepting this answer, the cleric removes the curse for free with Lord Shojo's apparent passcode "Evolve or die". With the curse removed and Mr. Scruffy supporting, Belkar gleefully slaughtered the majority of the Guild with the occasional heal or assistance from the Cleric armed with a mace.

Belkar then returned the favor by teaching the Cleric how to take revenge on his old friend for betraying him after trapping the formerly blind Pete. Although Pete claimed to have figured the whole situation, with him apparently returning to "rescue" his old friend, the Cleric saw through Pete's ploy and nicknamed the former thief who was too-clever-for-his-own-good, "Brainy Pete". Then with ironic viciousness similar to the Greysky Thieves' Guild, the Cleric crushed Brainy Pete's skull with his mace before skipping town. As Belkar said "See what we learned today, Mr Scruffy? Solve a man's problems with violence, help him for a day. Teach a man to solve his problems with violence, help him for a lifetime!"

Maybe surprisingly, the cleric of Loki is featured on the Left (=Good) side of the Giant sized OOTS poster.

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