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Vaarsuvius casts various hand spells. Each of them produces a large pink hand, typically grappling someone.

They are transparently based on the D&D spells with similar names, but named after the wizard Bigby (e.g. Bigby's Grasping Hand). "Bigby" is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast.

  • Comic 624 Bugsby's Grasping Hand, to interrogate Qarr.
  • Comic 624 Bugsby's Flicking Finger, to kick Qarr into the Ocean.
  • Comic 624 Bugsby's Expressive Single Digit! to tell Qarr to stay away.
  • Comic 653 Bixby's Crushing Hand at the Xykon Fight.
  • Comic 678 An unnamed hand spell to pin down the Drawmij Messenger.
  • Comic 690 An unnamed hand spell to dangle Belkar before the Sandworm's nose.

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