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Carol is a member of the crew of the Mechane. She is one of the few crew members who made their first appearance during Elan's journey from Cliffport to Azure City. She appears to be a vital, if ofttimes idle member of the crew.


War and XPsEdit

Carol first appeared helping Elan train as a Dashing Swordsman, letting him practice his wooing on her. She reported damage to the captain as they ran through Azure City's defenses.

Blood Runs in the FamilyEdit

MCwB without Bandana

Using her signature bandana as a sling for Haley's broken arm

Later, when the Mechane arrived to save the party from the clutches of General Tarquin, Carol caught Haley as she fell, after being stabbed and having her arm broken by him. She used her bandana to put Haley's arm into a sling until it could be healed by "Durkon".

Current ActivitiesEdit

MCwB puffy coat

In polar attire

She is often seen in the background on board the Mechane, though she is never actually doing anything, other than reporting to whoever is the current captain, and she is usually nearby the captain. Its possible her position on the ship is First or Second Mate or Boatswain, whereby her activity revolves around relaying information and orders, rather than operating the ship.

When Andi mutinied by knocking out Bandana, Carol was quickly at Bandana's side, solely concerned with her well-being rather than the on-going mutiny. She pointed out to Andi that if seniority was the reason that she should be in command, Carol was older than the rest of the crew.


Despite making her first appearance in #391, Carol was not named in the comic until #1064, in her fourteenth appearance.


  1. Comic #1064, "Chained of Command"
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