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Lord Shojo(former)
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Captain Axe was a mariner of Azure City. He lost his left hand and replaced it with an axe, hence his name.

He was in charge of commanding Hinjo's junk (a type of ship) during the evacuation before the Battle of Azure City but refused to sail away without the ruler of Azure City despite orders to the contrary. This refusal to comply with orders saved Hinjo's life as well as the lives of several others.

When finally Hinjo showed up with Durkon, Elan, Daigo and Kazumi, Axe asked to leave immediately but Hinjo expected Haley and Belkar to arrive with Roy's corpse. Soon after Redcloak arrived at the docks and summoned an octopus to destroy the ship. When Hinjo jumped down to confront the goblin, Redcloak casually responded with a Disintegrate spell and knocked the paladin back on board, while doing some serious damage.

With Hinjo unconscious, Axe took the liberty of cutting anchor and allowing the ship to sail away.

He was among the guests at the wedding of Diago and Kazumi.

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