Cages (Steel and Otherwise)
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 654
Date published 18 May 2009
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O-Chul escapes from his cage.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

O-Chul is straining to pull out one of the bars of his cage.
Monster in the Darkness: Excuse me? Mr. Elf? Could we maybe get another Sunburst spell over this way?
O-Chul: Nnngh!!
Monster in the Darkness: Hey, what are you doing, Mr. Stiffly?
O-Chul: Keep your—nnnnngh!—voice down, please.
Demon Roach: Don't you know Bend Bars rolls have been gone for awhile?

Panel 2

The cage bar snaps free with a "KATANG!"
Monster in the Darkness: Oh, man! The cagesmith is not gonna be happy about that!
O-Chul: I will be sure to weep for his lost masterpiece later.
Demon-Roach: HEY! Jailbreak! Helloooo, we have a jailbreak over—

Panel 3

O-Chul impales the Demon Roach with the broken bar, "SQUILCH!"
Demon-Roach: Ah, crap.

Panel 4

Monster in the Darkness: How did you—
O-Chul: This bar has been loose for several weeks.
Monster in the Darkness: Then why didn't you—
O-Chul: Because then was not the time for action. Now, is.

Panel 5

The Demon-Roach's body disappears to the Lower Planes, "poof!". O-Chul leaves his cage.
Monster in the Darkness: Wait! Mr. Stiffly, the exit is the other way! Where are you going?
O-Chul: To do my duty.
Monster in the Darkness: Again? They just brought the bucket around an hour ago.

Panel 6

O-Chul: No, my duty. My obligation to my dead comrades and my late Lord. Or Lords, as the case may be.
Monster in the Darkness: But Xykon will kill you if you go out there!
O-Chul: Almost certainly. I go nonetheless.

Panel 7

O-Chul: Listen to me, my friend. Listen carefully. We must all do what we think is right.
O-Chul: Whatever happens to me next, I want you to think about all that I have taught you.

Panel 8

O-Chul: Think about the game we just played. Think about how I have treated you, and how your so-called friends have treated you.
O-Chul: You have the power to leave the vile path down which they would have you led.
O-Chul: I know this because you have shown me enough clues over these long months for me to finally understand you.

Panel 9

O-Chul: You may not know exactly what you are—but I do.
Monster in the Darkness: You do? Really? Than[sic] what am I?

Panel 10

O-Chul: A good man.

Panel 11

O-Chul charges in Xykon's direction.
O-Chul: Farewell, my gentle friend.
Monster in the Darkness: Wait, Mr. Stiffly! Come back!

Panel 12

Monster in the Darkness: Mr. Stiffly!
Monster in the Darkness: MR. STIFFLY!
Monster in the Darkness: O-CHUL!!

D&D Context Edit

  • Sunburst dispels all types of magical darkness in its area of effect, which is what the MitD was after in the first panel.
  • In AD&D 1st and 2nd editions, there was a specific check for "Bend Bars/Lift Gates". It was a percentile roll based on a score in the Strength table. In D&D 3.0 this convention was discarded, and bending bars or lifting gates is a strength check with an appropriate difficulty class depending on the situation.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time MitD refers to O-Chul by his real name.
  • O-Chul repeats his assessment of MitD as a "good man" in the first panel of #1042.

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