C.P.P.D. Blues
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 339
Date published 20 August 2006
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"Tactical Priorities" "You Should Have Seen What He Did With the Corsage"
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The CPPD investigate the murders in Cliffport.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

A scene of Cliffport from a distance. The Chief and Rookie can be heard from a small building inland.
Rookie: BLORFF!!!!
Chief: That's it, rookie...get it all out.

Panel 2

Inside the building. The rookie has a green face and looks unwell. The Chief smokes a cigar. Bodies litter the floor, all marked with a white chalk outline. Yellow police tape around says: "Ye Olde Crime Scene * Do Not Crosse".
Rookie: Sorry, Chief.
Chief: Don't worry about it kid, it's not your fault.
Chief: In all my 32 years on the Cliffport Police Department, I've never seen a scene like this.
Chief: (Not counting the other ones this month, naturally.)

Panel 3

Rookie: Gosh willikers, Chief, this makes 15 massacres like this in the last five weeks!
Chief: And there's no connection we can find between any of the victims OR any of the locations.

Panel 4

Chief: The good news is we've got plenty of witnesses. Whoever they are, they've been darn sloppy.

Panel 5

Chief: A blonde human with a goatee and a bald half orc... I have the new sketch artist working on a composite drawing right now.
Chief: Now that I'm done with my scene setting plot exposition, let's see how it looks.

Panel 6

The sketch artist enters.
Chief: What have you got for me?
Sketch Artist: This should be pretty accurate, Chief.

Panel 7

The image is of two drawings: one of Nale (labelled SUSPECT A,) and one of Thog (SUSPECT B.) However they are drawn in a traditional fantasy style with noses, ears and detailed shading, unlike the simplistic style of Order of the Stick.

Panel 8

Chief: You're fired.

Panel 9

Chief: Killers on the loose, rookies to train, and now a talentless hack of a sketch artist who can't draw a face!
Chief: Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing pixie dust.
The rookie looks at the artist's sketches.
Rookie: What are those weird bumpy things between their eyes?
Sketch artist: Sigh... at least I still have my webcomic.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first appearance of Rookie and Chief.
  • Chief's line in panel nine is in reference to the 1980 Zucker Brothers comedy, Airplane!, where it was a running gag of a character listing various drugs he regretted stopping in increasing order of insanity, ending with "sniffing glue."

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