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The Bureaucratic Deva is an Astral Deva who processes the new arrivals to the Celestial Realms and determines the ultimate disposition of their soul in the afterlife.

After Roy's death, his alignment was assessed by this winged celestial being. Roy's main alignment issues included his responsibility of the evil halfling Belkar Bitterleaf and the event in the bandit camp where Roy, before changing his mind, had decided to abandon his teammate, Elan. However, he was let off for these because his authority over Belkar had still stopped him from killing countless numbers of other people. Roy had also rescued Elan and the entire rest of the team from the bandit camp, and did in fact don the Belt of Gender Changing weeks later to save Elan's life. The problem of the Blood Oath of Vengeance was not an issue, as Roy had spent the entire percentage of his life under the knowledge of the oath trying to destroy the lich Xykon, whereas Eugene had given up years before his death and loaded it on to Roy instead of just having one last go at hunting down Xykon.

487, 488, 489, 490, 491

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