Buggy Lou
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Buggy Lou was a bughead. While he was in the Northern Continent, he bought slaves from his best supplier who just so happened to be friends with Belkar Bitterleaf.

A few years later, he became a Hive Leader on the Western Continent with a small hive, but with "sixteen mates and all the fermented nectar [he] can swill" and led bug raiders against caravans that traveled the Great Barren Desert .

Eventually they attacked a caravan of which the OotS was part. While the adventurers protected the civilians, Lou recognized the captured Belkar among the abducted travelers and cut him loose. They were about to part amiably, after Belkar warned Buggy Lou about the dangers that his fellow adventures represented, until Belkar saw that they had caught Mr. Scruffy for a snack. After that Belkar mercilessly murdered any Bughead that he could, including decapitating Buggy Lou and urinating on his corpse.

The reference to a mutual friend on the Northern Continent may infer that Buggy Lou was the slave trader referred to by Belkar in The Prisoner Dilemma.


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