Budget Flight
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1029
Date published 21 March 2016
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"Don't Even Ask About Electrum" "Naming Names"
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Roy and Haley discus finances as the Mechane gets underway.

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Panel 1

The Machane's propellers begin to turn, "wuppa wuppa wuppa wupaa".
Roy: Alright, we're getting up to speed now.
Haley: Roy, about this deal with the crew...I'm not sure it's going to work out

Panel 2

Roy: Haley, I know it causes you physical pain to see money spent without haggling, but—
Haley: No, no, it's not that. As long as I don't see the coins change hands, it'll just be a mild rash.

Panel 3

Haley: No, the problem is that we're actually a bit light on funds right now.
Haley: We spent a ton on wands and potions and such and that teleport orb set us back a bit. And I needed to buy a dagger in a hurry.
Haley: And there were no free refills on orange juice! All-you-can-eat should mean all you can drink too!

Panel 4

Roy: We still have the money you gave me for Durkon's resurrection.
Haley: What? No! Roy, we can't spend that!
Roy: We have to. Our top priority is stopping the vampire.

Panel 5

Roy: If we can't get to Dwarven Lands in time, we won't be able to raise Durkon anyway.
Roy: And even if we succeed, I doubt we'll have time to fly back here to get the spell cast before we need to rush to face Xykon.

Panel 6

Haley: So, what? We're just giving up on saving him?!?
Roy: Of course not. But we need to be practical.

Panel 7

Roy: I've been letting my feelings cloud my common sense so bad, it's like I had a dozen tiny druids casting Obscuring Mist inside my skull.
Roy: I was so focused on Durkon that I brought a vampire into a room full of clerics!
Roy: But we can't hamstring our efforts to save the world just to maximize our chances of saving Durkon.

Panel 8

Roy: That's not what he would want.
Haley: ...
Haley: I know.

Panel 9

Roy and Haley look off into the distant mountains

Panel 10

Roy: Plus, who knows what will happen?
Roy: There's every chance that we'll earn the money back from a random encounter long before we get a chance to spend it on Durkon.
Haley: That's a good point.

Panel 11

Roy: We're adventurers; everything we meet has a listed treasure type!
Haley: One time, I scrubbed the mold out of the Guild showers and it dropped 2d4 copper pieces and a potion of fire resistance.

D&D Context Edit

  • Obscuring Mist is a 1st level spell which creates a stationary cloud of misty vapor.
  • The Monster Manual lists a treasure type for every monster. Various editions of D&D have included types of dangerous mold, which could also have treasure due to having killed previous adventurers.

Trivia Edit

  • Haley's comments about "buying a dagger in a hurry" refers to #976, where she spent enough gold to support a couple of gnomes retiring to the tropics to buy an adamantine dagger.
  • With regards to Haley's comments about orange juice in the third panel: Haley bargained for brunch passes as part of the deal to fix the Mechane in #965. They eat the brunch after defeating Crystal in #981.

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