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Uncivil Servant

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Brint was the chief of police of a town that was plagued by a giant acid-spitting bug known as the Ankheg. During the time where the town's 3rd Annual Charity Volleyball competition took place between the fire department and the police, the deputy mayor decided to split the town in half for both groups to canvas for donations, which led to a feud between him and Shart, the fire warden. Around the same time, the town was visited by Belkar Bitterleaf, who had just escaped seven months of slavery after killing the slavers.

Due to a misinterpretation of the scene where Shart and Brint tried getting donations from the merchant Jarnson, Belkar believed that the two were rival gangsters trying to shake him down that wanted to recruit him after seeing him kill the Ankheg. However, they were not looking for his fighting skills and rather his impressive leap he made to hit the bug. Shart and Brint both ran away at the sight of the deputy mayor, and Belkar was rewarded for killing it with 25gp under the name "Ali S. Fakenamington".

Later that night, Shart and Brint were both lured to a tree atop a hill by Belkar, who still believed both to be thugs and hoped to have them both kill themselves. Instead, the two mended their differences and resolved their feud, and Belkar was forced to kill them himself. He would only learn the truth the next day, where the mayor and deputy mayor awaited both for the volleyball competition and would be disgusted when Belkar presented them the heads of both chiefs.

  1. Comic is in black and white only.