Blow the Lid Off
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 905
Date published 27 July 2013
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"Live by the Technicality..." "Nothing Lasts Forever"
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Nale sends the fiends into the fray against the Order. Roy improvises a weapon.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Nale, Malack and Zz'dtri, along with Spiky and the piscoloth approach the crater where the silicon elemental attacks Haley and Belkar.
Nale: They made it out ALIVE? How is THAT fair?!?

Panel 2

Zz’dtri: Attack?
Nale: Tempting. But I'm not taking any risks when there's no prize to win.
Nale: Although... send your daemon down into the pit. No reason to let its services go to waste.
Durkon: Should I send my devil too, Master?
Malack: I suppose. I cannot shield them forever.

Panel 3

Cut to the crater. Spiky and the piscoloth approach Roy from behind.
Roy: Belkar, strike at its hand-blob! Get Haley free so she can—

Panel 4

Elan: Get away from him! We didn't order the surf-and-turf! 
Elan stabs the piscoloth, "shishkabob!"

Panel 5

Elan is grappled by Spiky, "rasp rasp rasp"
Elan: Ow! Ow! Roy, help! I think he's nuzzling me to death!
Roy: Haley! I really need my sword back!!

Panel 6

Cut to Belkar who has his daggers sunk into the elemental's arm while Haley is being crushed by its hand.
Belkar: Haley can't come to the battle right now.
Belkar: Leave your name and number and she'll get back to you when she can breathe again.
Haley: Kllrrghthctk!

Panel 7

Cut back to Roy.
Elan (off-panel): OW!! This is just like the cactus fight all over again!
Roy: Ok, OK... think.
Roy: ...
Roy: Got it.

Panel 8

Roy finds the sarcophagus of Girard Draketooth, and pries off the lid, "snap! clank!"
Roy: Hrrrrrrrn!

Panel 9

Roy swings the sarcophagus lid, striking both Spiky and the piscoloth in a single blow, "POW!"

Panel 10

Elan: Wow, I think you made them mad enough to blow a casket!
Roy: Elan, save the puns until you're ready to attack.
Elan: Oh, right. Sorry.

D&D Context Edit

  • Elan uses puns to allow him to use his Charisma for attack rolls thanks to his Dashing Swordsman prestige class.

Trivia Edit

  • The fiends were summoned back in #883, Fiend Swap. This strip specifies Zz'dtri's as a daemon and High Priest of Hel's as a devil. Based on their appearances it has been assumed that Spiky is a barbed devil and the daemon is a piscoloth.
  • Elan fought a cactus for its flower as a gift to Haley in #692.
  • This is the final appearance of Girard Draketooth (if only a few bones and the feet of his statue). Girard was an epic level illusionist and a member of the Order of the Scribble. He appeared in fourteen strips overall, making his first appearance in Serini Toormuck's diary in #196, The Diary.

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