Black and Blue
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 374
Date published 10 November 2006
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Miko confronts the MitD, and they play a game.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Miko: I am Miko Miyazaki, samurai of the Sapphire Guard, loyal vassal of Lord Shojo, daughter of Eyko, and paladin of the Twelve Gods of the South.
Monster in the Darkness: Neat!
MitD: It must be hard to fit all that on your business cards, though.

Panel 2

Miko: I apologize, but I cannot be delayed. My mission is urgent and upon its swift success rests the fate of hundreds of thousands—indeed, millions—of innocent lives. Step aside.
MitD: Cool. It's kinda awkward, though, since Xykon said I wasn't supposed to let you—

Panel 3

Miko: Very well. If you serve that villain even if it results in such a great loss of life, you are an enemy to me.
Miko attacks the MitD with her katana and wakizashi, "slah! slash! slash! slash! slash!"

Panel 4

MitD: Hee hee hee hee! Stop that!
MitD: That tickles!
Miko: "Tickles"?

Panel 5

MitD: Hey, that gave me an idea! Wanna play a game?
MitD: C'mon, it'll be fun.
MitD: It's called "Who Can Hit the Lightest?" First I hit you as lightly as I can, then you hit me as lightly as YOU can.

Panel 6

MitD: Whoever hits the lightest wins! Cool, huh?
Miko: Um, yes. Yes, of course. I accept your challenge 

Panel 7

Miko (whispering): Stand ready, Windstriker, I intend to lose this "game" intentionally.
Miko (whispering): After he wastes his action tapping me, I shall attack again with more power so that I might overcome his Damage Reduction.
Miko (whispering): With luck, I might—
MitD (off-panel): OK, my turn first!

Panel 8

An empty panel of the Southern Mountains.

Panel 9

A tiny figure can be seen high above the mountains.

Panel 10

Miko comes crashing head-first into the ground.

Panel 11

Miko: By the Twelve Gods! I must hurry back to save Wind—

Panel 12

Windstriker comes crashing down, butt-first onto Miko.

Panel 13

Cut back to the tower. There are two holes in the wall, one Miko-shaped and one Windstriker-shaped.
MitD: Awww, man! I lost twice.
MitD: I suck.

D&D Context Edit

  • Damage Reduction allows a creature to ignore damage from certain types up to a limit.

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