Be Prepared
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 647
Date published 22 April 2009
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"...And It Feels So Good" "A Dish Best Served With +1d6 Cold Damage"
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Elan and Durkon explain their arrival.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Elan: I like your hair.
Haley: Really?

Panel 2

Elan: Oh, definitely! Appearance changes after a period of time has passed are a great way to provide narrative distance from earlier events.
Haley: Heh, yeah... I half expected you to have grown a beard or something.
Elan: I had an eyepatch, but Hinjo took it away.

Panel 3

Durkon: I thought ye probably weren't comin' back, Vaarsuvius.
Vaarsuvius: Technically, you have arrived at my location, rather than the reverse. What I demand to know is how you have done so with such alacrity.
Ganonron: Tell us, dwarf!
Jephton: Now!

Panel 4

A flashback to Durkon and Elan travelling with Wind Walk.
Elan: Woooooo! Wind Walk is the best cleric spell ever!!!
Durkon: Dinnae look down, dinnae look down, dinnae look down...

Panel 5

Haley: Hey Durkon, can we get some quick healing? Belkar and I are a bit scuffed up from getting Roy back.
Vaarsuvius: I suppose I, too, could use some restorative conjura—

Panel 6

Elan: Oooo! Oooo! Let me, Durkon! Let me!
Elan: Mass Cure Light Wounds!
Haley: What the—? Elan, you learned how to heal???
Belkar: Let's split up for another year, maybe he'll finally master basic multiplication.
Ganonron: Zing!
Jephton: Ha ha!

Panel 7

Elan: Yeah, I finally leveled up yesterday, so I decided to take a bard level instead of the next level in Dashing Swordsman.
Elan: I picked Greater Dispel Magic and Mass Cure Light Wounds as my new 5th-level spells.
Elan: I know it doesn't cure much per person, but eventually I'm thinking of swapping one of my current 4th-level spells for Cure Critical Wounds.

Panel 8

Haley: Wow, that's... that's very... planned... of you, Elan.
Celia: Wait, didn't you get a new 4th-level spell at this level, too?
Elan: Oh, I did, but I needed to use it on something more important.
Haley: Another illusion spell?

Panel 9

Elan: Neutralize Poison, actually.

Panel 10

Elan: It's sort of a long story about a ninja, so I'll tell you later.
Elan: I don't want to miss one moment of the happy reunion!

Panel 11

Durkon: ...
Belkar: So.
Belkar: Still unstylishly bearded, I see.

Panel 12

Elan: You know what? Never mind. I'll tell you now.
Belkar: Embrace change! Somewhere deep inside you, there's a chin yearning to break free!

D&D Context Edit

  • Wind Walk is a 6th level spell which changes the caster and others into a gaseous form which allows them to move through air at great speed (600 ft/round). The effect lasts 1 hour per level of the caster.
  • Elans new spell, Mass Cure Light Wounds, is a 5th level bard spell and heals 1d8+1/level hit points on up to one creature per level.
  • Elans other two new spells (which he doesn't use) are:

Trivia Edit

  • "Be Prepared" is the Scout Motto of the international Scout Movement. The title refers to Elan's choice of Neutralize Poison as a new spell; it is too late for him to use it to save Therkla, but now he is prepared should he need it to save someone else.
  • Elan's comment in Panel 2 is a reference to #502.

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