Fighter College
A group of students prepare to ambush Roy.
Bash University
Aliases Fighter College
Bash University[1] was the fighter college Roy Greenhilt attended before becoming an adventurer.

History Edit

Inspired by tales of his grandfather and the greatsword he wielded, and the desire to protect the weak,[2] he decided to enroll in Bash University with the sword, to the dismay of his parents. Roy, having high intelligence and being highly studious, found himself to be something of a social outcast. He learned the advantage of surprise from a ambush initiated on him by the other students.[3]

Eugene Approaches Roy

Eugene approaches Roy about the Blood Oath in the library.

After three years of study, during a lonely night at the library, he was surprised to receive a visit from hit father, who had told Roy about his Blood Oath of Vengeance he took against Xykon, a sorcerer he was never able to find. But believing Roy, as a fighter, would never stand a chance, he told him to tell his little sister Julia about it when she gets old enough. Roy decides to take up the request, believing that since all arcane casters suffer from too much faith in magic, a fighter would stand a better chance. Determined to prove his father wrong, Roy swears to complete the Blood Oath of Vengeance.[1]

Dungeon Crawlin' Fools Edit

Eugene Greenhilt mentions that he had to pay 40,000 gp a year in tuition for Roy. He also criticizes Roy for not knowing about foreshadowing, bashing him for going to Fighter College.[4]

No Cure for the Paladin Blues Edit

Roy talks to his (not actually there) dead father. After saying that he went to Fighter College to help people and protect the weak, he realizes that Elan is one of the weak.

Roy defends Belkar against Miko Miyazaki by saying that he learned in Fighter College that a good commander doesn't abandon one of his people in the face of the enemy.

Don't Split the Party Edit

A flashback is shown briefly about Eugene approaching Roy about the Blood Oath in the college's library.[5]

Blood Runs in the Family Edit

Roy recalls the moment about the value of surprise.[3]

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