Bandit Executioner
Biographical information
First Comic

Comic 163

Last Comic

Comic 164

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Chronological and political information

Bandit Clan of Wooden Forest

Known masters


D&D Stats

The Bandit Executioner was the one who was to pull the lever of the Bandit Clan of Wooden Forest's gallows, killing Elan, Haley, Vaarsuvius and Belkar. However, he was killed when Roy threw his broken sword, cutting Elan, Haley and Vaarsuvius free but leaving Belkar in his noose. The sword then stabbed into the Executioner, killing him. However, when the Bandit Executioner died, he fell and pulled the lever. This failed to kill Belkar though, as he weighs "like, 30 pounds and most of it's in my head. I'm not even pulling this noose taut."

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