The Babylonian Pantheon, known mostly as the Gods of the West, is one of the four original Pantheons of gods.

Marduk Edit

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Not much is known about Marduk, except that he is probably the head of the pantheon and that he has paladin, making him, most probably, a good deity, or a lawful neutral one.

Tiamat Edit

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Tiamat, or The Dragon Queen, is a five-headed dragon goddess who is worshipped widely by reptilians such as kobolds and lizardfolk.[1] She gave the gift of oracular foresight to the Oracle of Sunken Valley.[2]

Nergal Edit

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Nergal is a lion-headed, winged god of Death and Destruction, whom Minister Malack served under in the Empire of Blood.[1]

Ereshkagal Edit

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Ereshkagal is the goddess of the Underworld in the Babylonian mythos, and also the wife of Nergal.[1]

Ishtar Edit

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Adad Edit

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Adad the Thunderer is the western god of Thunder.[3]

Elven Pantheon Edit

The Elven Pantheon votes as part of the Western Pantheon.[4]


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