Unified Azurite Resistance


Ho Thanh (Formerly)




Retaking Azure City from the hobgoblins


Azure City-in-exile

Base of operations

Resistance HQ, Gobbotopia (Destroyed)



The Azurite Resistance was a resistance group operating in the goblinoid-occupied Azure City, later known as Gobbotopia. Originally three groups operating on their own, they later became the Unified Azurite Resistance, joining together to retake their city. They were ultimately destroyed by Redcloak, all of its members save Niu deceased.

Prior to UnificationEdit

Haley Starshine's GroupEdit

Starshine's group focused on liberating slaves, sabotage, and survival.

Organization and OrientationEdit

Starshine's group was consisted of about 200 Azurites.


  • Operation: Neutralize
    • Goblin Cleric's +5 Air Freshener of Pineness stolen
  • The Granary Raid:
    • Goals: Liberate slaves, steal food supplies
    • Results: Twenty slaves rescued, lost Isamu, some supplies gained

Anti-Foreigner GroupEdit

A group that believes the Order of the Stick corrupted Hinjo and thus are evil. They refused to work with Haley's group and conducted raids on it. They also hate the Anti-Hinjo group for slandering Hinjo. Their leader is a man with a dark blue topknot.

Anti-Hinjo GroupEdit

A group that believes Hinjo, with the aid of the Order of the Stick, murdered Shojo in order to usurp the throne and thus refuse to trust Haley and hate the Anti-Foreigner Group. Their leader is a woman with short light blue hair and an eyepatch

Unification Edit

After finally resolving to leave Azure City and reunite with the rest of the Order, Haley, with help from Celia and Mr. Scruffy, managed to convince the three groups to join together, under the leadership of Thanh, who the other leaders come to believe was chosen by Lord Shojo through Mr. Scruffy.[1] The Unification also required that Haley and Belkar leave Azure City. As a result, Thanh became the new leader of the Resistance, with Niu acting as his second in command.[2]

Unified Azurite ResistanceEdit

The Unified Resistance, with the aid of Team Peregrine,[3] where able to conduct several raids on the goblins, freeing several slaves[4] and even steal Xykon's phylactery.[5] Sadly, one of the slaves they rescued was actually a polymorphed Hobogoblin spy, allowing Redcloak to learn where in the mountains their secret base of operations.[6][7][8]

After they successfully stole Xykon's phylactery from the retrieval team, they returned to their base only to find Redcloak and a small army of Demons and Elementals destroying the base. Only Niu managed to escape alive,[8] reporting what had occurred to Hinjo, who relayed it to the Order while they were exploring Girard's Dungeon.[9]


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