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Azure City
Government Monarchy
Ruler Lord Hinjo
Races Human
Religions Twelve Gods

Inhabitants of Azure City
Organizations in Azure City

Azure City is a large seaport metropolis in the southern part of the main continent. For ages it was the base of the Sapphire Guard paladins until conquered by the forces of Xykon.

Azure City Regions Edit

Outer Walls Edit

The best defended part of the city, the wall connects the mountains that lie on both sides of the city, protecting the only land route to the city. It was the first line of defense during the Battle of Azure City, suffering major damage due to the Titanium Elementals who tore up a large section of the wall. This damage was more or less repaired during the Hobgoblin occupation (the damaged section is filled with boulders).

City Proper Edit

Inner Walls Edit

Though taller, the inner walls are far less defended than the outer ones, making their capture easy for the Redcloak's army. They surround the castle's keep.

Castle Edit

Throne Room This room is where Soon's Gate was located until it was destroyed. The trial of the Order of the Stick took place in here, as well as Shojo's murder by Miko.

Jail This was where Miko Miyazaki, the core members of the Linear Guild,Tsukiko, and Belkar Bitterleaf were imprisoned prior to the Azurite City War.


Main Pier Edit

Azure City Organizations Edit

Sapphire Guard Edit

A group of dedicated paladins that work to protect Azure City from any threat, and secretly preventing the sealed Gate from falling into enemy hands. They were all killed by Xykon, who inscribed a Symbol of Insanity on a bouncy ball and bounced it all over the room, causing all the paladins to kill each other. Only O-chul and two other nameless Paladins were unaffected. Other members such as Hinjo, Thanh and Lien only survived because they were defending other parts of the city or away on a mission, with an unknown amount of other serving due to being away at the time.

Azure City Military Edit

Headed by General Chang, the military before the Battle of Azure City had approximately 9000 members in their ranks. Most were killed during the battle, including General Chang. The few that escaped either joined the Resistance afterwards or managed to get on the last boat that left Azure City. The members in the Resistance were later killed by Redcloak (except Liu).

Culture Edit

As the name might suggest, nearly everything there is blue, not only the buildings but the eyes and hair of most of the human inhabitants, known as Azurites. Their architecture and customs often recall various East Asian models (pagodas, rice as a staple food, a New Year's celebration incorporating a dragon dance and firecrackers, etc.), and personal names appear borrowed from Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese. Though fishing was important, the economy was clearly diverse and specialized, with at least one shop selling musical instruments. The government was a hereditary monarchy under a Lord of Azure City, whose power was limited, on the one hand, by law and tradition, and on the other by a restive and factious nobility, the strongest and most ambitious of whom (such as Daimyo Kubota) might hope to supplant the ruling dynasty during times of chaos.


The sky above Azure City contains Soon's Gate, one of the five rifts or Gates, discovered by the Order of the Scribble, through which the Snarl could gain access to the world. The rift was originally so small that Lirian and Dorukan were able to seal it within a sapphire. When the Order broke up, Soon Kim, himself an Azurite, undertook the protection of this Gate, founding the Sapphire Guard of paladins sworn to eliminate all threats to the Gate's safety. A strong castle was built up to and around the Gate, and Soon persuaded the then Lord of the City to incorporate the Sapphire itself into his throne, so that "no one would question why the tower was so heavily defended" and thus uncover the secret of the Gate.


Leaving the port of Azure City after the Battle

After leading the Sapphire Guard in campaigns to eradicate all public knowledge of the Gates, Soon Kim resigned the command of the Guard to the Lord of the City (Shojo's father), uniting still more closely the fate of Gate and state. Lord Shojo inherited the throne, and command of the Guard, when relatively young, and maintained both throughout a reign of 47 years, though in his last years the turbulence of the nobles and the fanaticism of some Guard paladins compelled him to resort to perpetual subterfuges to maintain his authority. Although the aged Lord Shojo cultivated an appearance of harmless senility, after his assassination by Miko Miyazaki the nobles recognized a vacuum of power, and Kubota in particular made a strong bid for the throne before Hinjo, Shojo's paladin nephew and heir, was able to assert his claim to the Lordship.


Azure City overran by hobgoblins


The Battle of Azure City, against the invading hobgoblin army led by Redcloak and Xykon, was already looming when Lord Hinjo took the throne, and much of the population was fleeing out to sea, hoping to return once the army and Sapphire Guard had defeated the invaders. The city walls were fiercely defended, but the invaders' powerful magic, innovative tactics and sheer numbers (about 30,000 against the Azurites' 10,000) drove the defenders back to the castle, looting and burning elsewhere in the city. The ever-impatient Xykon, flying into the throne room and massacring the paladins standing guard there, triggered a confrontation with the ghosts of Soon and the dead paladins. Soon had the upper hand of both Xykon and Redcloak, and would probably have turned the tide of the battle by defeating them, if Miko had not arrived in the throne room, misread the situation, and destroyed the Sapphire lest the Gate fall to the enemy. The resulting explosion, which Xykon and Redcloak escaped, obliterated much of the castle and killed most of the remaining Azurite defenders, making a total defeat inevitable. Hinjo and a few supporters, including Durkon, Vaarsuvius and Elan, escaped to the docks and thence to the refugee fleet. Roy had died in the battle, and Haley and Belkar remained in the city to retrieve his body for resurrection.


Occupied Azure City

Meanwhile Hinjo and many refugees left for regrouping and finding allies to claim the city back. The city was overrun by hobgoblins and the survivors were enslaved. The area was permanently surrounded by a yellow whirl that did not allow sunlight pass, nor any scrying spells. Haley and Belkar who remained behind formed a Azurite Resistance (among other 2 rival groups) who stole from the warehouses and freed slaves.

After about a year of occupation, Azure City became the cradle of the nation Gobbotopia.

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