Atomic Elementals are a type of elemental that exists in Order of the Stick, which follow the rules of modern chemical elements, rather than the Classical elements of earth, air, fire, and water, as is standard in D&D. There are presumably 118 types of atomic elemental, one for each chemical element. Each elemental bears its periodic table entry on its chest.

Redcloak introduced the concept, commenting to the hobgoblin general, "Hey, it's not my fault everyone else limits themselves to four elements. Some of us got passing grades in Chem."[1]

So far all of the summoned atomic elementals have been summoned by Redcloak, but the type is not limited, to him; they have been shown roaming the elemental planes.[2]

The Silicon Elemental is notable for not appearing in the elemental form of its constituent element, as do all the others. Silicon is a metaloid, but the Silicon Elemental was apparently made of silica (sand), or silicon dioxide.

Six atomic elementals have made appearances in the comic:

There is an additional unidentified atomic elemental in #1028.

References Edit

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  2. Comic #1028, "Don't Even Ask About Electrum"

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