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At Least You Get Course Credit
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 350
Date published 21 September 2006
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"Every Couple Has Their Quirks" "Pop Quiz, Hotshot"
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Julia escapes and the CPPD call in a SWAT team.

Cast Edit

Julia Greenhilt, Pompey, Chief, Rookie, female CPPD officer, two SWAT team members, two fiendish centipedes, an intern, a mocha latte

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Rookie is making a police siren sound.
Chief: Look sharp, people! Somewhere in all this chaos, our serial killers are probably waiting for us.
Chief: Our top priority, though, is protecting the citizens from those angry tress. So spread out and get anyone you see off the street.

Panel 2

Pompey: Hear that siren, Julia? Sounds like the cops have arrived.
Julia: Wow, turns out that ear isn't just stylish, it's practical.

Panel 3

Pompey: I was beginning to think I wasn't going to get to do anything for this battle, besides cast buff spells on Sabine beforehand.
Pompey: (Which is not to imply that I didn't enjoy casting five spells with a range of Touch on a scantily-clad fiend chick, because I did.)

Panel 4

Pompey opens the warehouse door.
Pompey: I think a few fiendish centipedes should do the trick.
Pompey: Summon Monster II!

Panel 5

A fiendish centipede appears.
Rookie: Jeepers!

Panel 6

Rookie: Chief! Giant evil bugs!! They're everywhere!
Chief: Fall back, people! Let the SWAT team handle it!

Panel 7

Two SWAT officers armed with bug swatters advance on the fiendish centipedes.

Panel 8

Pompey: I'll tell you, Julia, this is the best internship EVER. Our classmates are getting coffee, but me? I get to distract the police and guard the hostage.

Panel 9

Pompey sees that Julia has escaped.
Pompey: On the other hand, I bet my peers don't have nearly as much trouble keeping the boss' mocha latte from escaping.

Panel 10

A mocha latte shoots an arrow into an intern's face.
Mocha Latte: FREEDOM!

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, SWAT teams are specialized police units tasked with counterterrorism, along with other tasks too dangerous for regular officers to handle. The name stands for Special Weapons And Tactics.

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