The Asgardian Pantheon, also known as the Gods of the North or Northern Gods, is one of the four Original Pantheons established at the Dawn of Time.

Gods of the PantheonEdit

  • Odin - God of Magic, leader of the Pantheon
  • Thor - God of Storms
  • Loki - God of Fire and Mischief
  • Freya - Goddess of Fertility
  • Hel - Goddess of Death
  • Hoder - God of Winter
  • Heimdall - God of the Watch
  • Sif - Goddess of Earth
  • Tyr - God of War
  • Balder - God of Beauty
  • Freyr - God of Prosperity
  • Sunna - Goddess of the Sun
  • Frigg - Goddess of Wisdom
  • Njord - God of the Sea
  • Mani - God of the Moon
  • Skadi - Goddess of the Hunt
  • Fenrir - God of Monsters
  • Vafthrudnir - God of Secrets

Demigods of the PantheonEdit

  • Surtur - Lord of Fire Giants
  • Sigrun - Queen of the Valkyries
  • Bragi - Demigod of Poetry
  • Iounn - Demigoddess of Youth
  • Thrym - Lord of Frost Giants
  • Hermod - Demigod of Messengers
  • Dvalin - First King of the Dwarves


The Order of the Stick webcomics are peppered with appearances by the Northern Gods, in part because Durkon Thundershield is a Cleric of Thor and often appeal to his padron deity.

Hilgya Firehelm is a Cleric of Loki, as is an unnamed NPC from Comics 0602, "Clerical Temp" to 0612, "Technically, the "Fish" Version is a Subset of This One".