The art of the comics received noticeable upgrades at least twice.

The first was in Comic 198, "The Great Kazoo", where Elan and Haley both break the fourth wall to show awareness of the upgrade.

The second was in Comic 947, "Keep in Mind",[1] most noticeable by the different comic font, higher resolution and overall more detailed art. Particularly noticeable are the rain effects, far more detailed in Comic 948, "Behind the Eyes than in previous stances such as Comic 201, "Seeing Signs.

The Greenhilt Sword is also noticeably more detailed, particularly in the cross pattern in the hilt. Colors in general show more variety and subtlety of nuance. Even body types are more varied, as show in Veldrina's more slender body type.

The text font has been changed as well, from the infamous Comic Sans to Wildwords Lowercase from Comicraft.[2]


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  2. The New Typeface in the Latest Comics, from the discussion of Comic 990, Critiquing Suspicion", posted in June 12th 2015

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