And They Got Extra Credit For It, Too
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 855
Date published 10 June 2012
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"Not Much Chance of That" "I Guess You Had to Be There"
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The party evades the traps in the dungeon, due to the lack of illusions disguising them. Roy decides to turn the tables on the Linear Guild and lay a trap of their own.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

The party walks down a passageway inside the pyramid. Durkon is in the middle of casting some type of healing spell on Belkar.
Haley: Pit trap.
Haley: Saw blade trap.
Haley: Some sort of shifting wall trap.

Panel 2

Belkar: Geez, this is the lamest dungeon ever. No monsters, and even *I* can spot the traps!
Roy: Well, you have to remember that most of this was probably covered by illusions while the Draketooths were still alive.
Haley (off-panel): That one has spikes, I think.

Panel 3

Roy: All these walls look the same, so I bet it was easy to get turned around with a few choice mirages until you walked into a deathtrap.
Belkar: Yeah, but what kind of moron would be so distracted to fall into one of them now?

Panel 4


Panel 5

Roy: Huh. I really felt like there was going to be a cutaway panel there.
Haley: Me too!
Belkar: Weird.

Panel 6

Roy: Anyway, I think this looks like a pretty good spot. Everyone, gather 'round.
Elan: Oooo, is this where we make our heroic stand against the sinister Linear Guild?
Roy: Not exactly.

Panel 7

Roy: Nale clearly wants to keep us off balance and on the run, so I think our best bet is to turn it around.
Roy: Put him and his new team on the defensive, and try to learn as much as we can about them in the process.
Roy: In other words, we're going to lay a trap of our very own.

Panel 8

Belkar: Now you're speaking my language.
Belkar: My bloody, bloody language.
Haley: Yeah, sneak attacks are great for making Sneak Attacks!
Durkon: Hmm, methinks I've got just tha spell fer tha, lad.
Elan: Oh! And I can help with the montage of us getting ready!
Roy: No. No montages, no power ballads, just hide where I tell you to hide.

Panel 9

Elan: Awww! Effectiveness is no fun AT ALL!
Haley: Funny, I didn't really think an ambush was your style, Roy.
Roy: Trust me, I learned all about the tactical value of surprise back in Fighter College.

Panel 10

Flashback to a room at Fighter College. A young Roy is seen through a window walking oblivious down the hall holding his books. Inside the room, four of Roy's classmates, all wearing orange shirts, lie in wait for a sophomoric prank; they have filled several balloons with orange paint.

D&D Context Edit

  • Haley makes the distinction from a "sneak attack" in general, and a the "Sneak Attack" ability of rogues to do extra damage.

Trivia Edit

  • The cutaway panel they were expecting was already done in #853.
  • Two of the Fighter College students wear boots identical to Roy's.

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