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Free City of Doom

Amun-Zora was a captain from the Free City of Doom. She came to the festivities in Elan's honor to talk with Tarquin about the siege of her City.

Tarquin told her he dispatched 500 dragoons to join the battle. (Tarquin did not mention for which side they would fight.)

Amun-Zora was happy and willing to thank Tarquin. She came to Tarquins room twice. Tarquin made it clear he expected sex in return for his military aid.[1]. It is implied that she rebuffed his desires as well as his proposals of marriage.

She tried to kill Tarquin for sending his troops against her city, thus helping the Empire of tears to finally conquer her city, but Elan intervened.[2] Tarquin explained that it was too complex to explain in front of her. Amun-Zora asked if it was because she refused, since she was already married to a pikeman on the south wall. Tarquin's explained that his soldiers "solved" that (her husband died). Then she tried to kill him again, but Elan protected his father again, and then Tarquin ordered his guards to make her "comfortable" (imprisoned and likely tortured, as he did with her previous wives) in a tower. Tarquin expected that soon she would yield, marry him and retract her accusations.[3]

Elan released Amun-Zora from her cell so that she would fight Nale. She was too enraged to notice that Elan and Nale are not the same person.[4]

In an abandoned Tyrinaria border post, she found Ian Starshine and invited him to join her party to get revenge against Tarquin, with the help of Gannji and Enor.[5]


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