Always a Good Rule of Thumb
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1034
Date published 22 April 2016
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"Sound Reasoning" "Ringing Victory"
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As the combat continues, O-Chul suggests a surprising tactic for a paladin.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

O-Chul: Hurry!!
Lien: I know, I just need to load this thing...

Panel 2


Panel 3

Ice crumbles and falls on O-Chul and Lien

Panel 4

Lien fires her crossbow, "KTHNNK!"...

Panel 5

..and hits Lancer's flank behind Oona, "THUNK!"

Panel 6

Lien: Ugh. Crossbow bolts are not going to do the trick. We need to get it on the ground on its next pass.
Lien: Good thing it turns like a frigate.
O-Chul: I think we should disengage.

Panel 7

Lien: What, really? We can take them.
O-Chul: Maybe, but that's not our mission. Getting to the pole in one piece is.

Panel 8

O-Chul: This is a rare combat situation where there is no one we, as paladins, need to defend.
O-Chul: Nothing is at stake other than our own lives.
O-Chul: Since we are at a tactical disadvantage and any attempt at parley would be disadvantaged by the ungodly racket that creature is making, escape is our best choice.

Panel 9

Lien: I see your point but how? It's frozen wasteland in every direction!
O-Chul: On that, I confess that I have fewer strong options.

Panel 10

Lien: I don't suppose you went and secretly got a paladin mount without telling me, and it's a super-fast celestial pegasus or something?
O-Chul: If I had, we would already have been riding it.

Panel 11

Lien: Darn it! I spent months with that bard, and the one time I need someone to have been arbitrarily holding out for big dramatic reveal, he's not here.
O-Chul: You're not shooting. In lieu of a plan, you should keep shooting.

D&D Context Edit

  • The paladin's code of conduct typically precludes retreat as an option as they must always act with honor and help those in need. Failure to abide by the code results in the paladin losing their class abilities.

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