All of the Above, Actually
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 944
Date published 10 February 2014
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"Everyone Hates Goodbye Scenes" "Jumbled Up"
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Roy and Vaarsuvius have a chat about what V's done.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy: OK.
Roy: OK, so there are two windows left for them. One for 20 minutes, one for about three.
Roy: Going forward, then, we need to try to plan our tactics so that if the fiends pull you out of action, we can cover the—

Panel 2

Vaarsuvius: Sir Greenhilt, when I sought your counsel on this issue, I was not primarily concerned with the resultant tactical implications.
Roy: Too damn bad! That's all I'm qualified to talk about!

Panel 3

Roy: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, it's just what you're telling me... Familicide... This is just way over my head. It's too big.
Roy: I'm the guy who hits things, not a philosopher. And our cleric is in the shop.

Panel 4

Vaarsuvius: You seem at ease dealing with the halfling's various transgressions.
Roy: When he hits things, yeah. I can wrap my head around it. This... Am I supposed to be mad at you? Or just horrified?

Panel 5

Roy: Legally, I can't make heads or tails of it.
Roy: You may have killed an unknown number of unidentified victims in indeterminate jurisdictions.
Roy: I wouldn't know to whom to turn you over.

Panel 6

Roy: And morally? Ethically?
Roy: I don't know. You said one word and wiped out thousands of lives. Some intentionally, most accidentally.
Roy: How can that ever be fixed? What price paid could ever be enough?

Panel 7

Vaarsuvius: I respect your integrity. I would thus still value your opinion.
Roy: *sigh*
Roy: OK. Well, here's what I've got.

Panel 8

Roy: When I was younger, I... knew a wizard. Who did a lot of empirical spell research.
Roy: And one time, one of those experiments blew up and... someone died. Someone innocent.
Roy: And yeah, it was an accident, but for years he never acknowledged that maybe it could have been...

Panel 9

Roy trails off. Silence

Panel 10

Roy: I don't... really know where I was going with this.
Roy: But you care. You know you screwed up, and you want to make it right.
Roy: I've been told that trying counts for a lot.

Panel 11

Roy: You may never balance the scales. You may never make it up to the one who died on your watch.
Roy: But giving up on fixing it is like killing them all over again.

Panel 12

Vaarsuvius: ...Are we discussing my situation, your family history, or your decision to donate blood to Master Thundershield?
Roy: Hey, don't go changing the subject by trying to determine the actual subject.

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