All Hands on Trend
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1055
Date published 14 October 2016
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"A Kill By Any Other Name" "Top Five, Certainly"
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The Mechane continues to take damage from the boulders being hurled by the frost giants. The crew is rattled and suggest turning back, but Bandana is resolute, pointing out that they would face nearly as many giants retreating as they would flying through to the other side of the pass.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

The Mechane flies through the pass. V casts Chain Lightning, hitting nine giants, while Haley finishes off four of the secondary targets. Belkar kills a giant in the foreground.

Panel 2

The quarter deck of the Mechane
Andi: Bandana, we've go damage all over the ship! We need to turn around!
Bandana: Heck no! We're almost halfway!

Panel 3

Bandana: There's still a big bucket of giants back behind us that we just passed by.
Bandana: We'll take as much heat goin' back as we will goin' forward, so we might as well push through to the end!

Panel 4

Andi: They might stop throwing rocks if we give up and retreat!
Bandana: Guess we'll never know, since I don't aim to give up.

Panel 5

A frost giantess hurls a boulder at the Mechane while Belkar leaps at her.

Panel 6

'Bodies fly as the Mechane shakes

Panel 7

Andi: This is insane! These giants are going to knock us out of the sky!!
Kwesi: Tell me about it.

Panel 8

Andi: We're doomed if they think to target the engines!
Carol: How are there even this many giants in one place?
Kwesi: Yeah, what'd those adventurers do to piss them off?
Felix: And would it kill them to break up all that blue and grey with a few gold accents to pull their ensembles together?

Panel 9

Felix: What?
Felix: You think a splash of fuchsia would pop better?

D&D Context Edit

  • Chain Lightning is a 6th level spell which does 1d6/level damage to the first target before arcing to up to as many secondary targets as the caster has levels for half that damage. Note that Haley targets the secondary targets for her attacks, since the primary target of V's spell would have taken twice as much damage.

Trivia Edit

  • The title makes a pun on the common nautical command "all hands on deck" and the phrase "on trend", meaning conforming to current fashion trends. Felix, in addition to his other duties on the Mechane, was Captain Scoundrél's personal sartorial advisor.

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