♪I won't see you in the afterlife in that case
Because you're Lawful and Chaotic Good am I
And I don't think they'll let me hang at your place.
O buddy Roy, O buddy Roy, why did you die?♪
  — Elan (Comic 445)  

A character's Alignment is a categorization of the ethical and moral perspective of people, creatures and societies. In D&D, the alignment is a combination of two facets - Law vs. Chaos, and Good vs. Evil.

Lawful GoodEdit

A good character who acts with honour and a sense of duty. They will keep the law unless helping someone requires them to break it, in that case they have to face a hard choice.

Main article: Lawful Good

Neutral GoodEdit

A character who does good things and follows their conscience, regardless of the law. However, they do not break the law unless they feel they have to.

Main article: Neutral Good

Chaotic GoodEdit

A character who prefers doing good things to keeping laws. They don't like being told what to do and prefer to improvise.

Main article: Chaotic Good

Lawful NeutralEdit

The LAW is the most important thing, and only the LAW. Their enemies are any lawbreakers, and allies are anyone who enforces the law. Unless they break it.

Main article: Lawful Neutral

True NeutralEdit

Also known as "Neutral" or "Neutral Neutral", is neither lawful nor chaotic and neither good nor evil. A True Neutral character either only looks out for themselves, or tries to keep the balance between good and Evil.

Main article: Neutral

Chaotic NeutralEdit

A Chaotic Neutral character is someone who just does what they want, and wants to be free to do that. Either that, or they are completely insane.

Main article: Chaotic Neutral

Lawful EvilEdit

An Evil character likes a well ordered (but evil) society. Lawful Evil will follow orders but may twist the rules.

Main article: Lawful Evil

Neutral EvilEdit

Neutral Evil Characters don't respect laws or needlessly cause violence, instead they are usually selfish and would turn on their allies if it benefits them. Basically, they only care about getting what they want.

Main article: Neutral Evil

Chaotic EvilEdit

An Evil Character who has no respect for laws or lives, and look out only for themselves and what they want.

Main article: Chaotic Evil

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