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Master Aarindarius is a friend of Vaarsuvius's family and the person who initiated V in magic and tutored him/her. Aarindarius was an iron mage in the Library Stadium, as mentioned in On The Origin Of PCs.

Aarindarius is implied to be extremely powerful, as Vaarsuvius imagined his/her mentor being able to effortlessly kill the Mother Dragon without even looking up from his book. If all assessments regarding this situation are correct, Master Aardinarius is almost certainly epic level character as Imp recognized Mother Dragon as Ancient Black Dragon (Challenge Rating = 19) and so his level should be significantly higher than that.

It is revealed in On the Origin of PCs that Aarindarius is an honorary Iron Mage.


  1. Aardinarius' first appearance was, officially, in Comic 630; however, the character also appeared as a "flashback" in On The Origin Of PCs.


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