A Vexation Or Irritation
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 788
Date published 18 April 2011
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"No Time for Losers" "Also, His Popularity Has Waned"
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Roy interrogates Thog about Thog's long history of murdering and killing. Unsurprisingly, Thog does not exhibit a great deal of remorse or even awareness of his deeds.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Tarquin sits with Elan and Haley in his box at the arena.
Tarquin: Oh man, I have been looking forward to this one.
Elan: THOG?? Here?
Haley: Oh crap.

Panel 2

Cut to Thog on the arena floor. Roy is entering the panel from stage right.
Thogthank you, tiny people on benches! thog loves you all! thog—

Panel 3

Roy takes Thog unawares, striking him on the head with his sword, "CLONK!"

Panel 4

Cut back to Tarquin's box.
Tarquin: You know this clown?
Elan: Yes! he works for Nale!!
Tarquin: Yeah, I know he did. The prefects picked him up on the street, and I’ve been trying to kill him ever since.

Panel 5

Tarquin: But once he won the first two or three bouts I threw his way, I couldn’t just slit his throat in the night, you know? He’s a crowd favorite.
Tarquin: It’s weird, no matter how many people he kills, the audience still thinks he’s lovable.

Panel 6

Cut back to the arena floor.
Thogtalky-man! hello, talky-man!
Roy: Hello, Thog.
Thogthog will always treasure thog’s adventure with talky-man. it featured non-traditional panel layout.

Panel 7

Roy: Do you remember the earth fairy you killed right under my nose?
Thogyes. thog remember thog had to power attack to cut through—
Roy: Shut up!

Panel 8

Roy: Did you know that she was one of my girlfriend’s best friends here on this plane?
Thogno, but thog thankful for update on talky-man’s relationship status.

Panel 9

Cut back to Tarquin's box.
Tarquin: I’ve got pretty high hopes for this new guy, though. I think he’s got what it takes to win.
Elan: Haley, if Thog is alive, then—
Haley: I know.

Panel 10

Cut back to the arena floor.
Roy: How about all the cops you killed in Cliffport? Do you remember them?
Thogthog says, “fudge the police!”
Roy: What about the dozens of citizens you killed to lure them there?
Thogactually, thog hazy on that. did thog kill them off-panel?

Panel 11

Roy: “Hazy”??
Roy: Bad news for you, then. Bad guys not remembering their evil deeds is something of a pet peeve of mine.
Thogreally? do you walk it and groom it and feed—

Trivia Edit

  • Tarquin's aside about Thog works on two levels, both in-universe and as an ironic description of the readership of this strip's opinion of the character of Thog.
  • Thog's referece to "thog's adventure with talky-man" in the sixth panel is to #51, Stupid Isn't Always Cute.
  • In panel ten, Thog makes a bowdlerized reference to the 1988 N.W.A protest song, F*** tha Police [Which will remain bowdlerized in this wiki, to protect young audiences, WARNING, ADULT CONTENT].
  • Roy's pet peeve stems from Xykon not remembering who Roy is or that Xykon killed Fyron Pucebuckle. The bit is a running gag that is first established in #110.
  • Finally, Thog's misunderstanding of "pet peeve" is due to his well-known love of puppies, also established in #51.

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