A Brief Intermission
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 301
Date published 5 April 2006
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The battle of refreshments. Popcorn kills Nachos, Pizza kills Milk Dudes.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

And now a brief INTERMISSION

Panel 2

Milk Dudes, Soda, and Popcorn (singing): ♪Let's go out to the lobby!♪ ♪Let's go out to the lobby!♪ ♪Let's go out to the lobby—and have ourselves a snack!♪

Panel 3

Pizza: Your time has come and gone Popcorn! Today's patron enjoys more nourishing fare... like pizza!
Nachos: Or nachos!
Soy Latté: Or soy lattés!

Panel 4

Popcorn: You fools! We've been loved by moviegoers for over 50 years! Do you know the kind of power that gives us?

Panel 5

Popcorn: We have become like unto tiny refreshing GODS!

Panel 6

The various movie snack engage in battle
Popcorn stikes Nachos down, "BZZZZZAP!"
Pizza runs Milk Dudes through with his sword.

Panel 7

Soda: Milk Dudes! No!
Milk Dudes: Promise me one thing Soda...
Soda: Anything, old friend.

Panel 8

Milk Dudes: Promise me...that you'll...*cough*
Milk Dudes:'ll dispose of my body in the waste receptacles...conveniently located by the theater exits...

Panel 9


Panel 10

We now return to
The Order of the Stick

Trivia Edit

  • The comic is based on an Let's All Go to the Lobby, an old advertisement in movie theaters.
  • Milk Dudes avoids the trademarked candy name, Milk Duds.
  • This is the only appearance of most of the snackfood characters: Milk Dudes, Popcorn, Soda, Pizza, Nachos, and Soy Latté.
  • A related character, Mocha Latté, appears in #350

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