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A Battle of Attrition

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A Battle of Attrition
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 77
Date published 9 June 2004
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"She's a Sneaky One" "Unfinished Business"
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A monster mistakes the pair of clerics for an easy meal.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Durkon and Hilgya are walking along a corridor.
Hilgya Firehelm: So, it's kind of chilly. Maybe you could put your arm around—

Panel 2

A monster appears and attacks Durkon, "SLASH!"
Monster: RRRAARGH!!

Panel 3

Hilgya: Cure Light Wounds!

Panel 4

The monster attacks Hilgya, "SLASH!"
Monster: GRRAARGH!

Panel 5

Durkon: Cure Light Wounds!

Panel 6

The monster attacks Durkon again, "SLASH!"
Monster: RROARRR!
Hilgya: Cure Light Wounds!

Panel 7

The monster attacks Hilgya again, "SLASH!"
Durkon: Cure Light Wounds!

Panel 8

The monster glares at the two clerics, furious.

Panel 9

The monster enters a frenzy of clawing and biting, "CLAW! CLAW! BITE!"

Panel 10

The monster is out of breath, "huff huff huff huff". Durkon grins evilly.
Durkon: Cure Moderate Wounds!

Panel 11

Beat. The monster looks at the two in dismay...

Panel 12

...and turns around and walks off.
Monster: Eh, screw this. I'll order Thai.
Durkon and Hilgya: Go, Team Cleric!

D&D Context Edit

Trivia Edit

  • A battle of attrition is a strategy where a belligerent attempts to wear down the enemy through loss of personnel and materiel; the side with more resources will usually win.

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