Hearing is Believing
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 961
Date published 29 August 2014
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"Collision Testing" "Just Think How Many Times He's Seen Himself Naked"
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Roy almost discovers "Durkon"'s true deity, were it not for his confusing devotional chant.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Andi: Hey, don’t go down there! That’s where the vampire is—
Andi: Oh! It’s you.
Roy: Yeah. Me.
Andi: Mr. Big Time Hero Guy.
Roy: I prefer, “Roy Big Time Hero Guy.” More personal.

Panel 2

Andi: OK, Roy, then. I’m Andi. Andromeda, really, but, you know-
Roy: More personal.
Andi: Right.

Panel 3

Andi: I’ve been down here patching for a few hours, but it’s been all quiet in there until a few minutes ago.
Andi: I guess that’s praying I’m hearing?
Roy: Yeah. It’s dusk.

Panel 4

Roy: He’s been researching a spell that will protect him from the sun. It’s in that staff he has, but he wants to learn it as a proper cleric spell.
Andi: Sun-resistant vampires. Sounds like just what the world needs.
Roy: It’s, uh…complicated. There are worse threats out there.

Panel 5

Andi: Gives me the creeps having him on board.
Andi: One day, we work for Julio doing heroic piracy stuff, and the next, we’re taking orders from a kid and sheltering a vampire.
Andi: It’s like everything reversed polarity or something.

Panel 6

Roy: Yeah. Stuff changes quickly, I’ll give you that.
Roy: Durkon doesn’t mean any harm, but the less contact between him and regular people before we get this thing sorted out, the better.
Roy: If you can, make sure that no one on board bothers him while he’s in there.

Panel 7

Andi: Does that include you? ‘Cause you look like you’re in a bothering kind of mood.
Roy: Like I said…it’s dusk. This is the time of day that he prays to regain his clerical magic.
Roy: I thought…I want to be 100% certain who he’s praying to. I know Belkar’s wrong but—

Panel 8

Andi: But you’ll feel better if you know for sure.
Andi: I won’t tattle, no worries. Have a listen.

Panel 9

Roy: Huh. It sounds like he’s chanting “Hell no, Thor won’t go.”

Panel 10

Andi: That’s…kind of a weird prayer.
Roy: Yeah, I guess. But this is the same guy who used to send theological dissertations to the letter column of the Thor comic book.

Panel 11

Roy: But I suppose the important thing is that he’s still one of the good guys, right?
The panel shows "Durkon" on the other side of the bulkhead.
"Durkon": Go Hel! Know? Thor won’t!

Trivia Edit

  • In panel 10, Roy refers to the Marvel comic book hero Thor, not Thor, the god of the Northern Pantheon in Order of the Stick.

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