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Strike Two
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 955
Date published 12 June 2014
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"Contractual Riders on the Storm" "Moving On"
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Vaarsuvius runs blocking against the weather.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Blackwing: Wow. Now I'm not just sick—I'm cold, wet, and sick. Awesome!
Vaarsuvius: I would have thought leaving the vessel to fly free would improve your vigor.
Blackwing: Also, I require your assistance.

Panel 2

Cutaway to the deck of the Mechane.
Vaarsuvius (inset): Though the former Master Thundershield endeavors to control the weather, the effort will require a further six minutes of spellcasting, followed by a ten minute period of gradual meteorological transition.
Roy: You’re the one who said if he couldn’t do it, it’d prove you right.
Belkar: Yeah, but you never listen to me! So don’t listen to me now! I mean then! Damn it!!

Panel 3

Cut back to V.
Vaarsuvius: During that time, the vessel remains vulnerable to further lightning strikes.
Vaarsuvius: Our mission is to counter any such discharge.

Panel 4

Blackwing: Ok, but… what do you need me for?
Vaarsuvius: I require maximum perceptive capabilities. Stay close and watch the clouds.
Blackwing: But what about—
Vaarsuvius: Silently

Panel 5

They fly through the storm.

Panel 6


Panel 7

Lightning crashes, "KKABOOM!"
VaarsuviusWall of Force!!

Panel 8

Blackwing: I can’t believe that worked. How many more times can you do that?
Vaarsuvius: Once, with a Forcecage. After that, I will be forced to rely on my secondary blocking plan.
Blackwing: Which is?
Vaarsuvius: Casting Protection from Electricity on you and then polymorphing you into a gargantuan roc.

Panel 9

Blackwing: Hmmm. I am torn between indignant outrage and giddy anticipation.
Vaarsuvius: No, I won’t sit on your shoulder and pretend that I am your familiar.
Blackwing: Outrage it is, then!

D&D Context Edit

  • Wall of Force is a 5th level spell which creates a wall with an area up to 10-foot square per level.

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