Shifting Sands
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 909
Date published 8 August 2013
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"Reverse Polarity" "Marching On"
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unDurkon joins the fray and helps the party defeat the silicon elemental. Belkar's first reaction is probably best, but the team decides to ally with the vampire.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy drinks a couple of orange potions provided by "Durkon".
"Durkon": —an' I'll be able to cast cure spells, 'cept now I gotta prepare 'em rather'n convertin' 'em on tha fly.
"Durkon": Also, I prepare me spells at dusk now.
Roy: Uh, yeah, something to look forward to, I guess.

Panel 2

Roy: And you're in command of that... spiky thing?
"Durkon": Aye, it's contracted ta follow all me orders until midnight.
Roy: Then let's go help Elan help Haley.

Panel 3

Roy, HPoH and Spiky enter the melee with the Silicon Elemental, who holds Haley while Belkar and Elan fight it.

Panel 4

"Durkon": Command:
"Durkon": DROP!

Panel 5

The silicon elemental's eyes turn to spirals as it obeys "Durkon"'s command. Released, Haley falls to the ground.
Haley: Aaaaa!

Panel 6

Elan: Haley, are you OK?
Haley: *kaff! kaff!* Yeah. Think so. Is that Durkon helping us?
Roy: Looks like. Get ready to shoot.

Panel 7

The party attacks the elemental, Haley fires two arrows through it, Belkar, climbing on its arm stabs it, Spiky also climbs it, Roy, Elan and "Durkon" fight from the ground with their weapons ("Durkon" uses Malack's Staff instead of his hammer). The elemental's periodic table reads: "14 Si 28.0855".

Panel 8

The elemental disappears with a "poof!" Belkar is left mid-air.

Panel 9

Belkar hits the ground next to "Durkon" with a "wmmph!"

Panel 10

Belkar: Look out! Vampire!!
Belkar: Die, you bloodsucking monster—
Belkar attacks "Durkon", "slash! slash! slash!"

Panel 11

Belkar: —die?
Belkar: Is this not a thing we're doing?

Panel 12

Belkar: Oh come on! If trying to eat me isn't enough to pay his fare to Stabbytown, I officially have no idea what you people want from me!

D&D Context Edit

  • Command is a first level spell which allows the caster to command one creature with the options of: Approach, Drop, Fall, Flee and Halt.

Trivia Edit

  • Sand is composed of many types of minerals, but the most common constituent of sand is silica, or Silicon dioxide. Thus the silicon elemental appears as a giant sand creature, even though pure elemental silicon is a metalloid.
  • The title refers to the shifting fortunes of the silicon elemental.
  • This is the final appearance of the silicon elemental. It first appeared in #901.

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