Mr. Sandman, Give Me a Scream
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 902
Date published 19 July 2013
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"Friend of a Friend" "Carefully Couched"
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The party does combat with the silicon elemental, but it's not clear their weapons have any effect.

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Panel 1

The Silicon elemental smashes Roy with an arm.
Roy: Grrrnnh!

Panel 2

Haley: *kaff! kaff!* We could escape into the Rift?
Roy: The one that may have a god-killing abomination and definitely has miles of water with no land in sight?
Roy: Guy in heavy armor says, "No thanks."
Elan: Plus I think we already used all the ocean-themed jokes we had!

Panel 3

Roy: No, I'm sick of running and hiding and traps and tricks. There's finally a straight-up monster in our path?

Panel 4

Roy: We fight!!
Roy slashes the elemental's body, "SLASH!!"

Panel 5

Haley fires two arrows which pass right through the monster, "flnph! flnph!" Roy slashes again, opening another hole in it. "SLASH!" Elan pokes with his rapier. "poke."
Elan: Take that, you son of a beach!

Panel 6

Elan: Belkar, come on! You gotta help!
Belkar: Hey, I'm half dead over here still!
Elan: Yeah, but the goblin told it to kill Roy first.
Belkar: Did he? Well in that case—

Panel 7

Belkar: This is for all the sand that's found its way into my shorts in the last month!
Belkar: Suffer like my red chafed 'nads!

Panel 8

Belkar: Hey, do me a favor and don't get killed. I'll drop in like one hit if it attacks me.
Roy: I'll see what I can do, but no promises.
Belkar: Eh, that's fair.

Panel 9

The silicon elemental attacks Roy again in a deluge of sand. "WWRSSH!"
Roy: *kaff!* *kaff!*
Elan: Get out of here, sand dude! This isn't one of those grim n' gritty fantasy stories!

Panel 10

Haley: Honey, are your puns even working
Elan: I don't even know if my sword is working.

Panel 11

Haley: If all of our weapons just sink into the sand, how are we supposed to know if we're hurting it?
Roy: Eventually, it'll die.
Roy: I hope.
Elan: Hey, I was right—hope does matter!

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  • Elan uses puns to allow him to use his Charisma for attack rolls thanks to his Dashing Swordsman prestige class.

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