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Bound to Happen
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 801
Date published 16 August 2011
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"Right Tool for the Job" "Took a Level in Sauceror"
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Elan evades Nale yet again, this time by using their similarity to draw Amun-Zora to attack Nale.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Nale and Sabine search for Elan in the unfinished part of the palace.
Nale: You check the scaffolding, I'll look for him in here.
Sabine: Got it. Stay safe, baby.
Nale: You too.

Panel 2

Nale goes out to search for Elan.
Nale: Where are you, Elan? I know Sabine's kiss must have left you weak in the knees... and down a few levels.

Panel 3

Elan charges at Nale and hits his sword with a "clang!".
Elan: Geez, Nale, you always lose these dumb ambushes! Why won't you leave us alone??
Nale: What are you blathering about, you moron? I've been hiding here for months! You followed us!

Panel 4

Elan: No, we didn't! We thought you were dead!
Nale: Then what the Hell are you doing here?
Elan: I don't know! Stuff just sorta happened!
They they clash swords again, "clang!"

Panel 5

Nale: Yeah, right. Last week, you're hundreds of miles away in the middle of the desert—
Nale: —and then suddenly you're right here in my face? Just by coincidence?
Nale: Admit it, you came here to expose my presence to our father!

Panel 6

Nale slashes his sword at Elan, "SLASH!"
Elan: I didn't even know our father was–
Elan: Wait, how did you know we were in the middle of—WOAH!

Panel 6

Elan falls off the place they're fighting on and lands on a guard guarding a prison, "WHONK!", knocking him unconscious.

Panel 7

Elan picks up the keys and peers into the prison.
Elan: Hey! Anyone in there being unjustly imprisoned who might want to help a bard out?

Panel 8

Amun-Zora: YOU!!
Elan: Uh oh.
Amun-Zora: I might have avenged my husband if you hadn't stood between me and your vile father!
Elan: OK, yes, but there was a lot I didn't know when—

Panel 9

Nale jumps down to where Elan is.
Nale: Dead end, Elan. I'm sure Dad will give you a very impressive funeral procession through the—

Panel 10

Elan opens the prison door and hides behind it, holding the guard's sword out for her to grab. Amun-Zora rushes out and charges at Nale.
Amun-Zora: I am going to kill you, you blond bastard!

Panel 11

Elan flees stage left, while Amun-Zora attacks Nale off-panel, "clang! clang!"
Amun-Zora (off-panel): Die, son of Tarquin, die!!
Nale (off-panel): Get off me, lady!
Elan: Wow, this whole "identical twin" thing has never worked in my favor before!

Trivia Edit

  • Apparently Elan's narrative ploy of cuing a change of scene in #795 worked. Despite the fact that Nale and Sabine were steps away from him at that point, when the narrative returns to them in this strip, he has escaped.
  • Elan prevented Amun-Zora's assassination attempt on Tarquin in #756.
  • This is the first appearance of Amun-Zora's Jailer.

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