A New Friend
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 739
Date published 30 July 2010
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Durkon catches sight of Haley and Elan, and Malack suggests a way that they can keep in touch.

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Panel 1

Mr. Guard: The general has a feast planned for tonight, then a full day of activities planned for tomorrow, including a parade at dusk for which you will be the honoree.
Elan: Do you think V will be done trancing soon?
Haley: Almost, honey.
Elan: Awesome! I reeeeeeally want Roy to meet my dad!!

Panel 2

Elan fantasises.
Tarquin: Since Roy's father is dead, I've decided to legally adopt him!
Tarquin: Now you're for-real brothers!
Roy and Elan: HOORAY!
Tarquin: Also, you both get puppies.

Panel 3

Durkon: Ye sure ye dinnae mind if'n I borrow this book?
Durkon: I dinnae know when I may get ta return it, if ever.
Malack: Not at all, it is easily replaceable.

Panel 4

Malack: The subject matter is very common in my religion—
Malack:—though I imagine you may be able to adapt some of the more mystical aspects to your own.
Durkon: Aye, well, I'll be puttin' 'em ta good—
Durkon: Wait—

Panel 5

Elan: Hey, do you think Roy will mind calling my mother "Mom" when Dad remarries her?
Haley: Do I even want to know the chain of thoughts that led to that question?
Durkon pokes his head out of a door and sees the couple. A sign next to the door reads, "LIBRARY Dewey decimal system strictly enforced.

Panel 6

Durkon: Uh, I'm sorry, Minist'r Malack, but I... I haf ta go.
Malack: What? But the Chancellor has not yet returned.
Durkon: Ya, well, somethin' just came up.

Panel 7

Malack: I was just about to invite you to be my guest at this state dinner I must attend tonight.
Durkon: Och, uh, sorry aboot tha, but I'll haf ta take a rain check.
Malack: This is a desert. It doesn't rain.
Durkon: Still.

Panel 8

Malack: Very well, I shall escort you out.
Durkon: NO!
Durkon: Uh, no, tha won't be necessary.
Malack: Are you sure? Tha palace is still unfinished, I'd hate to see you get—
Durkon: I'll just use me dwarven ability ta detect new contruction, an' then go tha other way.

Panel 9

Malack: As you wish, I enjoyed out little discussion thoroughly, Brother Thundershield.
Durkon: Aye, as did I. Give me a lot ta think aboot. It's a shame we cannae keep in touch.
Malack: I have a magic item that might help with that.

Panel 10

The panel shows a page from Malack's "Macebook":

Macebook helps you connect and share with the clerics in your life.
Seek and Ye Shall Find
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  • Malack, Priest of Nergal is discussing theology.
  • Kotor, Paladin of Marduk joined the group Need a Rez.
  • Malack, Priest of Nergal is discussing theology.
  • Nyr-Atul, Priest of Tiamat has updated his location.
  • Kotor, Paladin of Marduk has updated his location.
  • Kotor, Paladin of Marduk is smackin' dragons, yo.
  • Yinnak, Priestess of Ishtar is in a relationship.

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D&D Context Edit

  • Dwarves in D&D have the racial trait of Stonecunning, which, as Durkon notes, gives them a +2 bonus on Search checks to notice new construction, among other things.

Trivia Edit

  • Macebook (in the last panel) is a parody of Facebook, the popular internet social network.
  • This is the first appearance of "Mr. Guard", who is escorting Haley and Elan through the Palace of Blood.

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