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Generally Relative
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 723
Date published 13 May 2010
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"Block and Tackle" "It IS Fairly Spicy, However"
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The big reveal.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Malack: Dismiss Blade Barrier! Now follow them!
Gannji: Yeah, they took a Blade Barrier to the face and are still up. Catch them yourself.

Panel 2

Tarquin: I found these two out in the hallway, did someone in here lose them?
Malack: Tarquin! Kill them both, before they run.
Tarquin: No one is killing anyone. I gave my word, old friend.

Panel 3

Malack: Bah! I should have known you would go warm-blooded on this one. It's an open-and-shut bounty!
Tarquin: You misunderstand, Malack. This man is not who you think he is.

Panel 4

Empress: General Tarquin! I'm confused and hungry. Make this make sense.
Tarquin: Certainly, my liege. Don't fret your pretty red head.

Panel 5

Tarquin: I will handle this dispute for the Empress, as it was I who issued the bounty for the traitor, Nale, and I who flagged the file to be brought directly here.
Tarquin: I can also personally attest to the fact that Nale has a twin brother, Elan, and I believe I have proof that this is who stands before us.

Panel 6

Tarquin: I know Nale better than anyone here, and he would never have surrendered in order to save one of his allies, as this man just did.
Tarquin: Plus, he didn't rant about his intellectual superiority even ONCE.
Malack: Now that you mention it. I did find that odd.

Panel 7

Gannji: I can't believe you people are buying this ludicrous twin story.
Tarquin: It is not a story, sir. I know they are twins... because I was there when they were born.

Panel 8

Elan: Wow! You have pretty cool armor for a midwife!
Tarquin: No, my boy... I was there under a different role. For you see...

Panel 9

Tarquin: Elan—
Tarquin: —I am your father.
Elan: *gasp!*

Panel 10

Tarquin takes his helmet off.

Panel 11

Tarquin looks like a silver-haired version of Elan.
Tarquin: Oh MAN! I've always wanted to say that line!!

Panel 12

Elan: That was... that was a PERFECT delivery!
Tarquin: I know, right? Wasn't it awesome? I've been waiting, like, FOREVER for that.
Elan: Growing up without a father was totally worth it just for that reveal!!
Vaarsuvius: Heredity is a cruel mistress.

Trivia Edit

  • The title is a play on Einstein's theory of General Relativity, published in 1915, which states that gravity is the curvature of spacetime by matter and energy.
  • Panel 9 parodies the classic line from the 1980 Star Wars sequal The Empire Strikes Back where Darth Vader reveals himself to be Luke Skywalker's father.
  • This is the final appearance of the Captain of Empress of Blood, first appearing in #719.

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